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Medtainer,store, grind and pour with an all in one medical grade grinder.

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Medtainer Star Wars Imperial Limited Edition are now available. This is the first patented air-tight, water-tight, and smell proof medical grade container with a built in grinder. Store, grind and pour.  The Medtainer is versatile in it’s design, being able to traverse numerous consumer needs on the go.  Although originally engineered as a solution to break down medication for the needs of Pediatric and Geriatric patients, the medtainer has now been adopted as an application into many diversified markets. The medtainer has is made with FDA approved medical grade plastics and is environmentally safe. These medtainers are from the special limited edition medtainer collection with your choice of Sandblasted, Rebel Smokers,Stay Troopin, Burn One , Dark Slide, I am your grinder.

Medtainer is changing the way people store and consume their contents on the go. Through its durable design and various functionalities ( air-tight, water-tight, medical grade plastic, and built in grinder) the Medtainer is able to be very versatile and compact no matter where you travel to efficiently grind and store your contents without any stress or struggle. The Medtainer is composed of a medical grade non porous plastic, that is polyypropylene, BPA-free, and environmentally safe. Every Medtainer is manufactured in the U.S.A and has the patent numbers, website, and Poly5 recycle symbol on the bottom portion of the container.

These Medtainers are from the special limited edition “Imperial Star Wars” Medtainer collection.
Choice of : Black Burn One, Gold Sandblasted, Grey Smokin Rebels, Black I AM Your Grinder, White Stay Troopin, White Dark Side

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